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Poppy and Peonies Our StoryOur Founder

Hi I’m Nat, the founder and designer of Poppy & Peonies. Growing up in small-town Ontario, I was a little girl with a big dream: to become a fashion designer. This passion led me to design school, and after graduating, I honed my skills designing for global brands across the U.S. Then, something magical happened. My sweet daughter, Poppy, was born, and everything changed. My pre-baby accessories no longer fit my new life as a mom – I needed lots of pockets and organization. When my search for functional fashion came up empty-handed, I had a feeling I wasn’t alone. So, armed with an idea, lots of determination, and a six-month-old baby on my hip, Poppy & Peonies was born.

We’ve come a long way in five years – from filling orders in my basement, to appearing on Dragon’s Den, and now, expanding into new product categories and collaborating with some exciting brands. I’d be lying if I said it’s been nothing but smooth sailing, but thanks to our incredible community who inspires me every day, we have never felt more loved and supported! Thank you for supporting a little girl’s dream!