<i>the</i> PACK-IT-UP <i>leopard</i> <i>the</i> PACK-IT-UP <i>leopard</i> <i>the</i> PACK-IT-UP <i>leopard</i> <i>the</i> PACK-IT-UP <i>leopard</i>
<i>the</i> PACK-IT-UP <i>leopard</i>

the PACK-IT-UP leopard


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  • Maximize your luggage space and keep it organized in style. These little cubes will change your life! Traveling has never been more chic and organized. This set fits perfectly in your luggage and drawers. Set includes 7 pieces; a large, medium and small cube, shoe cube, toiletries cube, laundry bag and travel pouch. Crafted in durable nylon and mesh

    • Large Cube 17.7" L x 11.6" H x 3.9" W
    • Medium Cube 13.8" L x 10.2" H x 3.7" W
    • Small Cube 10.2" L x 8.1" H x 3.9" W
    • Shoe Cube 8.2" L x 11.8" H x 4.7" W
    • Laundry Bag 10.4" L x 13.5" H
    • Small Pouch 10.8" L x 8.8" H
    • Toiletries Cube 10.6" L x 8.2" H x 4.7"
    • Crafted in nylon with mesh and vegan leather trim