<i>the</i> COSMETIC TRIO <i></i> On sale


$39.00 $50.00

<i>the</i> ESSENTIAL <i>polka dot print</i>

the ESSENTIAL polka dot print


wear this bag three different ways!
<i>the</i> UPTOWN TOTE <i>cognac</i> On sale

the UPTOWN TOTE cognac

$95.00 $105.00

<i>the</i> UPTOWN TOTE <i>black</i> On sale
Only 2 Left!

the UPTOWN TOTE black

$95.00 $105.00

<i>the</i> SADDLE BAG <i>cognac</i> On sale
Only 1 Left!

the SADDLE BAG cognac

$75.00 $89.00

<i>the</i> LAPTOP CASE <i>floral print</i> On sale
<i>the</i> LAPTOP CASE <i>polka dot print</i> On sale
<i>the</i> BEAUTY BAG TRIO <i>tribal print</i> On sale
<i>the</i> ALL-IN-ONE <i>red</i> On sale

the ALL-IN-ONE red

$50.00 $60.00

<i>the</i> ALL-IN-ONE <i>black</i> On sale

the ALL-IN-ONE black

$50.00 $60.00

<i>the</i> ALL-IN-ONE <i>polka dot print</i> On sale